March 2021 Update

As we all get closer to being back in the office in some fashion have you thought about the technology you might need when you company returns? Things have certainly changed over the last year. Think about how you have setup your home office, how you use your laptop and how skilled you have gotten at Video Conferencing. Now, you have a method and it is easy right? I bet you turn on your system, make a couple of clicks and it all works and you are comfortable. So now back at the office your meeting spaces and conference rooms should work the same. What we provide here at Cue Solutions are simple to use solutions that mimic what you already do. The Conference Rooms we design are easy to use. With things like easy to use touch panels placed on the table to turn on the large display or start the meeting, using one cable to connect the laptop or even a wireless solution so you have no wires and cables on the table. After the installation we provide full lifetime training by a REAL person, and then do follow up training and support you if you need it in the future. Meetings rooms have gotten smaller and simpler, you might call them Huddle Spaces now. Whatever the goal is, we have you covered. We are experts, call or message us today!

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