November 2022 Update!

A Conference Room must be simple and easy – Period.

Yes, so the trend continues. What we saw in 2021 and early 2022 with hybrid workers coming back has not changed. They are returning to the office and not finding what they desire at all.

If you are a company with staff suffering from these issues, or even an Integrator or AV Provider, it is not difficult to design and deploy solutions to make video conference meetings much more efficient.

We can all benefit from the type of technology we have available to us today. Gone are the days of hard to use meeting rooms.

What we have now is the ability to outfit all of your rooms (or your clients) with the same type of technology. The goal is to make the user experience consistent – no matter what space they happen to roam around to.

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What are we seeing with conference room tech in 2022?

Franklin Bowen

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